The sport is and always will be one of the highest expressions of the human being because the body is the most evident thing the man can show in every gesture. In my days of laziness I’ve looked for shapes and characters that were able to give a meaning to this love of mine, love that I feel mainly in my soul, rather than on a playing field. I admit it, I’m a lazy, big fan of the damned television, therefore, I love watching sports event in order to get to know the names, the gestures, falling in love with moments that will turn into forever memories in people’s mind.

“Athletic Icons” shows characters that I drew in time, coming from different sports, people who exceled or just gave life to epic moments that are still remembered by many.

Kobe Bryant in a full-figure illustration depicted from the right side while shooting the ball. Unavoidable Lakers uniform with the number 24 on the back. On the upper left angle there are the stylizzed flags of Italy and USA. A big orange area emphasizes his name, while on the low left angle there is his famous quote:  “My parents are my backbone, still are. They are the only group that will support you if you score zero or you score 40.”
The celebration of Modena Volley successes in the season 2015-2016. Earvin Ngapeth clings to the bell tower of cathedral of Modena hitting a ball very high in the atmosphere. So high that the whole Europe is visible.
Nadia Comaneci blows out the candles on her birthday cake while doing a handstand split.
Roberto Baggio, captured from the back, with his curly hair and the jersey of the national team, in the back there's his famous quote: “don't believe in things that you get with no sacrifice. Don't trust them, it's an illusion. The effort and hard work build a bridge between dreams and reality”.
Suzanne Lenglen doing a dance step in the centre of the poster, while holding a tennis racket in one hand and a ball in the other one. She's wearing a dress similar to the one of a ballerina. Her white figure is in contrast with an orange field that recalls the red clay of Paris, but it's also in contrast with a green field, a clear reference to Wimbledon, where Suzanne had her consecration.
Alberto Tomba in Calgary, 27th february 1988. A blue silhouette wearing blue speeding on the slopes of the Super Slalom “zigzagin” between the flags and giving Italy a great success that will be recorded in the Italian sport's history.
The racing cars of Villeneuve and Arnoux are speeding on the Dijon's circuit. This is a clear reference to the epic competition that took place between the two drivers during the 1979 Grand Prix. Villeneuve is driving his Ferrari, red obviously, Arnoux is driving his yellow and white Renault. From the wheels speed flashes are emerging.


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The sport is and always will be one of the highest expressions of […]


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