Nothing happens by chance, even the smallest projects are born with a point, that’s what you need if you want to do things in the right way. What I wanted to do with this little project was telling a story made of many stories, a quick storyline about the love between humans and beasts. We tend to forget how important the animals are to us, we do everything with the idea of being the masters of the Earth, heedless of the fact that we are only one of the lasts creatures appeared in the universe. Of course, we are special. The only animals able to speak about other animals. But still, animals. And we don’t do anything to detach ourselves from our nature, except in rare virtuous circumstances.

Since humans have started to write, they elevate themselves from the rest of the creatures through literature. They have forgotten about their mortal nature and ridden on thoughts of immortality printed on paper. But in this process of elevation sometimes we remembered what nature was, we took many different creatures as example to tell poems, anecdotes, daydream of underwater world, philosophize on the meaning of life, load windmills.

This is a sincere tribute to our fellow travellers in this crazy adventure called existence, of which the animals are trustworthy supporting actors. It is a semi-serious journey, made of simple shapes and modern thoughts, created for adults and children. Enjoy the show.

Wild Covers, the cover. A green backgroud, animals' prints interspesed with the print of a nib, the instrument that was used to create all these crazy beasts!
20.000 leagues under the sea, Verne. The Nautilus seals on unknown sea bottoms. Under it there is a huge giant squid that follows its trail and shapes.
Don Quixote, Cervantes. A warm yellow backgroud, a mule and a horse superimpose their hooves creating an interjection of lines.
Animal farm, George Orwell. A black pig in a white circle, with a deep red in the background... does this cover remind you of any flag?
Puss in boots, Straparola. A cat wearing boots is gloating while holding a little mouse, that was once a giant. In an image, the summary of a story.
The ugly duckling, Andersen. A little black baby chick that looks up to a white swan which holds it with its regal shape.
The little prince, Exupery. A fox turns into a rosebud in a green field, a black sky is looming on the horizon and guides our glance towards many small planets.
The jungle book, Kipling. Balloo and Mougly touch each other in the middle of the paper, joining two often divided worlds: the human world and the animal one. The shadow of the sweet bear enters the world of men, creating a tree on the red ground.
The Metamorphosis, Kafka. A cockroach shows its stomach on which the shape of a shouting man is drawn, in order to demonstrate its successful metamorphosis.
Moby Dick, Melville. The big white while holds the captain Acab's lifeboat on one of its great fins.
White Fang, London. A gray, proud wolf stands out in the foregroud cutting through the sinuous lines of the mountainous and winter landscape.


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