Football is poetry, magic, dynamism. With this project I wanted to celebrate who, in different eras, for different reasons and in different ways, represented something significant in the football world. Some of them represented the class, someone the audacity, someone the genius, the recklessness, or both.

I couldn’t draw all of them, there wasn’t enough time and I would have disappointed someone anyway. Because each of us has their own story and their own opinion about the history of football. However, this is my story, so accept it or just move to an other graphic designer’s web page.

I could keep on talking about each of them for at least ten minutes, but I believe it would be unnecessary. I’ll let the images to convey something, in the hope that they will really do that.

Roberto Baggio, Italian football icon. In his blue jersey surrounded by triangles, running through the field with the ball at his feet.
George Best running towards the goal, dressed in red, like his United.
Johann Crujiff, with his head held high he's scanning the horizon. Dressed in orange, on an orange background.
Eusebio, Portuguese football idol. Here he's wearing the Benfica jersey and running after the football.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic, exulting in his own way spreading his arms wide. Behind him  there's a big yellow cross on a blue background.
Diego Armando Maradonaflying in the sky, a sphere of light above him that he's hitting with his hand. He's wearing his white and blue jersey, in memory of his goal that made Argentina win the world cup.
Michel Platini laying on the ground and challenging the referee after a spectacular goal that was disallowed. Everything is in black and white.
Ferenc Puskas wearing the Hungarian jersey is kicking the ball  with all his strength.
Socrates is running towards the opposing area. He's dressed in black and white, the Corinthians' colours. Whose symbol and flag he has been.
George Weah is attacking the ball, surrounded by the colours that made him a world football legend: red and black.


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Football is poetry, magic, dynamism. With this project I wanted to celebrate who, […]


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