“La Marianna” Panettone

As a graphic designer, having created the Packaging for “La Marianna” Panettone has been exciting. I must admit that working for La Marianna pasta factory was an honour, because it’s considered a real institution in Bergamo.

In the middle of the last century, right in that small shop, the “stracciatella” (chocolate-chip) flavour was created by Enrico Panattoni. It was his nephew, Niccolò, who contacted me to ask me to make an illustration in order to cover the cylindrical box used for Panettone and Pandoro.

The extended format of the Marianna can for Pandoro and Panettone. You can see the main gate of Bergamo, an ice-cream cone with Stracciatella, a Christmas tree and some presents in the fore ground. In the background there is the city and the hills of Bergamo, while in the distance the Alps appear.

My aim was to create something elegant but playful, to join the Christmas spirit and the refinement that characterize “La Marianna” Panettone. In order to do so I played with simple shapes and distinguishing features of the city of Bergamo and I created something in accordance with my taste and the customer needs.

First part of the illustration in details. The logo "La Marianna" starts showing itself in the foreground. Behind that, there is a Christmas tree, some presents and behind them the hills of Bergamo with trees and houses.
Second part of the illustration in details.  The "La Marianna" logo ends in the silhouette of a shooting star facing down. In the background there are the first houses of Bergamo and some mountains. In the foreground there are more presents and a tasty surprise...
The illustration in details, third and last part. The surprise is an ice cream cone with stracciatella that fits between the towers of the city of Bergamo and its main gate. On the gate the venetian Dogi lion stands out. In the backgrond the snow-covered Alps appear.

The cornerstones of the illustration made for “La Marianna” Panettone are the homages to the city, to the Stracciatella flavour and Christmas. The result was a colorful “turning” illustration, rich in geometric elements and Cristmas spirit. The right mix for a quality Christima made of great graphic and great flavours!

A classic "Marianna Panettone". Behind it there is the can box adorned with the illustration I was commissioned.
The can box for Panettone and Pandoro with the illustration that I was commissioned. In the foreground the label with the writing "The classic Panettone".

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“La Marianna” Panettone

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