The “Imperfect Heroes” project

Imperfect Heroes is one of my favourite projects, which I was able to be a part of thanks to my collaboration with Ennesimo Film Festival.

What happens when you’re forced to turn into a superheroe even if you don’t want it? This special showcase, organized at Crogiolo Marazzi in Sassuolo, aimed to answer that question through 5 full-lenght movies about the topic.

“School of Rock”, “Children of Men”, “Get Out”, “The Big Lebowski”, “Do the Right Thing”. These are the titles of the showcase. Five stories whose protagonists turn into heroes in all their imperfection succeeding in tasks that were unimaginable until that moment.

In order to make the showcase more intriguing I thought it was interesting not to focus too much on the images of the movies. Instead, I focused on the concept of imperfections, “staining” icons that we usually consider heroes. In this way, I took into consideration 4 anti-iconic subjects.

Flash with a snotty nose. 
A portrait of Flash with a snotty nose, symbol of imperfection on a otherwise impeccable character. Everything on a red background which takes up the color of the super hero suit.
Imperfect heroes: Batman with his finger up his nose. 
Batman is picking his nose, the background is black and it merges with the dark silhouette of the superhero. However, it's very clear that Bruce Wayne is picking his nose with his big glove.
Imperfect Heroes: Supe0r Man with hairs in his ear. 
Super Man wearing his classic blue suit, a red cape and with a flawless hairstyle. He's not perfect as usual though, because he has some hairs in his left ear.
Imperfect Heroes: Captain America and the Spaghetti sauce. 
Captain America wearing his usual blue helmet, he has a star on his chest, on a light blue background that merges with his suit. He's caught with a big stain of sauce and a noodle on his suit.

Flash has a snotty nose, Batman is picking his nose, Superman has some hairs in his ear, Captain America has a sauce stain.

Details, small imperfections on characters otherwise flawless in a graphic illustration created ad hoc to look perfect in everything, except that small detail.

Imperfect Heroes: the final format of the postcard.
A hand is holding the postcard used to make question during one of the showcase nights. Specifically, in this case one can clearly see Batman picking his nose, the name of the night and the Ennesimo Film Fesitval logo.

This is what this team is. A group of iconic and flawed men, made humans by a detail, a small mistake. These illustrated subjects become 5 multi-subject postcards used to make questions at the end of each movie.

Imperfect Heroes: The Flash card front and back.
The Flash postcard front and back next to a cup of coffee and a pen. On the back of the card there is the quiz, in this case it's about the movie "Children of men".

The good thing about collaborating with EFF (Ennesimo Film Festival) was creating something starting from ideas out of the ordinary. Trying to impress and pushing ideas beyond the traditional schemes is a challenge but vital oxygen as well.

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