Who I am

Born on September 26th 1986 in Formigine, a small town shrouded in the fog of the Po valley, in the hard-working northern Italy. I have started my profession only recently (nine years is not so long).

I attended a scientific high school and tried to start university twice (first with political science and then natural science). I had a small  writing role in a local  editorial office,  I created, ran and then abandoned a quarterly magazine. 

After I left university I joined different courses at the Salesiani school in Bologna. That’s where my carreer in the world of comunication began. Afterward, I started a number of collaborations with some graphic design studios, typographies, frelancers and communication agencies. All from the ceramic district of Modena, where people produce, work, think and breath porcelain stoneware (ceramic tiles, for the ignorant). Some of them are: Omniadvert, UFO.ADV (five years together, so many emotions), Ikos, Punto Immagine, Litographic Group.

Riccardo Pagliani's portrait

From 2017 I am a freelance all-round. I deal personally with the costumers, I take care of their communication needs and I lead them towards the right marketing strategy. I do that by designing the merchandising and the coordinated image, by creating graphic layouts of websites, which will be later finalized by web developers, and by developing trademarks and ad hoc illustrations for campaigns or more complex projects.

In my free time I develop personal projects, I attend training courses in order to acquire new knowledge and I try to create new collaborations in order to improve the quality of the service I offer to my customers.

I do not deal only with graphic design and illustration. I am also part of Inco.Scienza, an association which promotes science. I have been in charge of their visual communication and planning of events for years. I am also the frontman of a band, calledThe Big Bench. Sometimes I like to run, read and write as well. is meant to be a personal portfolio, but it is also meant to store ideas, projects, experimentations and creations made by the sole pleasure of trying something new.

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