This is an exciting job that I got thanks to a long Instagram stalking by Matteo Zazzera, one of the top organizers of Criterium Italia. The Fixed’s world is hard to explain, full of crazy people, able to fast and furious up in bikes with no brakes, in city or non-city circuits, risking hurting themselves badly.

Matteo came to me after a short but intense brainwave that he had while looking at my old poster of Romeo Venturalli, which I created to tell the story of one of the greatest and most reckless cyclists who have ever pedaled in Emilia-Romagna. My interpretation of this unusual character must have stuck in Zazzera a sliver of madness, because he come up with an insane idea: commissioning me the posters for Criterium.

9 stages, around central and northern Italy, several teams, a lot of passion and, above all, a sporting discipline they wanted to promote and to make grow.


Forte dei marmi, the poster. Jasmine Dotti wearing the typical uniform of the World champion. She's cycling with open arms along the seaside of Forte dei Marmi. The Apuan Alps are rising in the background behind the green hills.
Abbiategrasso, the poster. Alessandro Mariani is biking with his neck and head leaning forward, with the castle behind him.
Castell'Arquato, the poster. Stefania Baldi in a black bike uniform is cycling while the light hits her from the right and the crenellations of the castle surround her with clear symmetries.
Cervinia, the poster. Emanuele Poli is biking on a blue slope towards the town, chasing the Matterhorn that is looming in the horizon crossed by flashes of light.
Florence, the poster. Alec Brigs is facing a switchback along river Arno. Pontevecchio is painted in red by the sunset.
Legnano, the poster. Giorgio Brambilla is tilting his bike in front of the Legnano Castle at the end of a bend of the road.
Lissone, the poster. Ivan Ravaioli is biking forward leaving behind the Lissone Cathedral and a burgundy sky.
Rome, the poster. Alvise Zanasca is cycling on the edge of a stylized Colosseum. He's wearing his red bike uniform and he's leaving a red trail behind.
Varano de' Melegari, the poster. White and blue lines are surrounding the castle in the background, while in the foreground Martino Poccianti is biking staring at the sky.

The places have represented the most interesting challenge, especially because I wanted to dignify them at best. Rome and Florence have probably been the easiest work, but interpreting less renowned small towns has been incredibly fascinating. Working on the Matterhorn’s outline, giving a warlike look to the Legnano Castle, discovering the magnificence of the castles of Abbiategrasso and Varano de’Melegari, giving symmetry to the crenellations of the castle of Castell’Arquato, placing a thin outline of the Apuan Alps in the horizon of Forte dei Marmi, finding out about the magnificence of the cathedral of Lissone and recreating its geometry.

Also the protagonists of the Fixed race have proved to be interesting subjects to interpret, even if I didn’t know them at the beginning. Jasmine Dotti, Alvise Zanasca, Alec Briggs, Alessandro Mariani, Emanuele Poli, Ivan Ravaioli, Giorgio Brambilla, Martino Poccianti and Stefania Baldi have made their way on the posters with their determination and their sweat.

Alcuni particolari di luoghi e personaggi estratti dai poster.


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