I decided to work on superheroes in order to hit on a girl. It didn’t work out in the end.  Nonetheless, I realized that the project itself was cool, so I thought: “why not show it to the world”? Since I love creating some random engagement, I threw myself into the Marvel world, starting from the Avengers and then realizing that I could ramble on the subject: that’s what I did.

Actually I’m also working on a project about Batman, but the one I created is so abstract that it doesn’t do justice to the magnificence of the Dark Knight. Therefore I will work on it again, but with greater inner darkness. Which I have right now, but only partially. Have fun, I’ll go back to work.


Captain America, the poster. The blue hero on a blue background. In the foreground there's his shield that recalls the American flag.
Gamora, the poster. The heroine of Guardians of the Galaxy holding the sword that is breaking through the sky, in her shadow green and fuchsia stars are looming on the horizon.
Iron Man, the Marvel hero revisited in an extremely geometric style while taking flight thanks to his retrorockets.
Spider Man, the poster. Upside-down, his legs are forming part of the spider web's design. Everything is on a vintage blue background.
Storm, the poster. The heroine of thunder is going up to the sky wearing white on a white background. Rectangular ice and snow stalactites are falling of her arms.
The Hulk, the poster. The green hero matches the background. He's powerfully hitting his fist on the ground and a ray of light emphasizes his muscles on the right side.
Vision, the poster. One of the latest arrivals among the Avengers. He's spreading light from his forehead, those rays light up his cape while a shadow darkens his face. Red background.


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I decided to work on superheroes in order to hit on a girl. […]


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