I’ve been dedicating myself to multi-subject projects for several reasons. Firstly, in order to create something that could be part of a greater whole. Secondly, in order to express different aspects of what I feel about a specific subject according to the character depicted.

I love the idea of hiding oneself behind a different face. The possibility to be someone different, creating an alter-ego.

the composition of the drawings to create the word Masks

The masks are bearer of deeper values, beyond doubt. They express heightened emotions and exaggerated concepts creating human caricatures. When we wear them we are forced to be what they represent, with or without our approval.

Personally, I believe the mask goes beyond the physical concept of visual shelter. It becomes the interpretation of something or someone that usually we are not. Basically I live with daily, variable masks that change according to the person I am with. I think I’ve worn so many of them in my life, that I’m not able to separate the mutabilty of the way through which I express myself from my real nature.

The Harlequin image, a geometric composition created around a circumference below the word "Arlequin". Inside the circumference the masked woman is found. She's crossed by coloured lines that create intermingling colours with the circle and the square.

To define myself has always been hard for me. I’ve lived several lives in my head, several different phases of my body, several different people that defined my inner masks better. They designed my face more accurately, retouching my expressions, conforming accents and sentences through which I could approach the gratification of my interlocutors more closely. But at the same time, no one ever succeeded in removing from my consciusness that void caused by the fact that I exist for the others, before existing for myself.

the Pierrot mask. Worried, sad, Black and white, with two black thin lines caused by crying.
The Pierrot's face with the typical furrowed brows due to discouragement. His circular collar with many drapes and his vest with big black buttons
the plague doctor. Three figures in dark clothes wearing the typical mask with a curved beak and a wide-brimmed hat. They form a composition of interlinked geometric shapes. In the background there are a gondola and the moon dipping in the lagoon.
The detail of the plague doctors and the gondolier who is a skeleton armed with a sickle.

Perhaps the only thing that somehow came to define what I am was this constant research of expressing a concept trough images. A constant research of shapes and geometries that can combine together to create a complex and yet simple picture. Lines that together convey an emotion. The more I live it, the more I work on it, the more the trait defines what I am. It leaves, and I believe will always leave, an immense void that I will continue to investigate. However, I will always be aware that I took the path that I wanted. Maybe.

Guy Faukes' mask. A bloody red backgroud brings out his upside down profile to create a V.
Guy Faukes' face detail. Made famous the movie "V for Vendetta". His typical Dali moustache, his hollow black eyes, his seemingly benevolent smile.
The Mask, the mask worn by Jim Carrey in the homonymous movie. The picture is characterized by sinous geometries that define the dancing silhouette of his character.
A detail of The Mask, with a focus on his face and his wide-brimmed yellow hat.
The composition of the five portait created fot the Masks proejct.


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I’ve been dedicating myself to multi-subject projects for several reasons. Firstly, in order […]


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