TASTE BOLOGNA is a tour operator that you can book online. The travelers who choose this service will be totally surrounded by the Bolognese reality, they will discover the most typical places where to eat, they will get to know the traditional dishes and the people of this wonderful city.

Andrea, the owner and a friend of mine, asked me to design his brand after several unhappy attempts with other graphic designers. Probably he liked my approach to the project because it was different than my predecessors’ one. Obviously, I couldn’t ignore a few typical elements from Bologna, but at the same time I wanted to find a visual synthesis with the concept of food, a fundamental focus for Taste Bologna activity.

I turned the two towers into a fork and a knife, I added a plate and created a very Italian logotype using a Gotham Font. In this way I created a trademark that was both traditional and youthful at the same time.

Taste Bologna, the logo. Made to be young and classic at the same time, it represents the two towers stylized as a fork and a knife, together with a plate and the text “Taste Bologna” below them.

Particularly noteworthy are the colours. Brick red and light blue to recall the official colours of Bologna.

The color of the logo. Red, blue and black, all with a vintage look to intensify the old-fashioned mood that characterizes the streets of Bologna.

The starting point of the planning is the tickness of the letters. I used it as measure unit in order to take perfect proportions between all the other elements of the trademark. An interesting thing to underline is the position of the plate on the left of the cutlery. That’s where it must be according to the etiquette. The fact that in this way the design is even more balanced it’s nothing but a detail.

The logo project, starting from the letter T you can see how every is really based on it, the weight, the height, the thickness of all the elements, the windows of the towers.
Here you can see the space you have to leave around the logo, based on its proportions. Basically, you must take the size 2x2 "A" letter around the whole logo to be sure to have the right minimum space between it and the other elements

In the beginning the font was a Gotham Bold. Later, I worked on it to make it more geometric and similar to the Italian typographic school of post World War One, very close to futurism and the avant-guarde of the beginning of the 20th century.

The text of Taste Bologna, a Gotham Medium customized in order to make it perfect for this brand.

Three trademark’s colour variations: positive, negative and total white. The choice depends on the background on which it will be used.

Three ways to use the brand: positive, negative and total white. It always depends on the background color.
Some examples of how you can use the logo on different background colours, from black to purple.

The institutional font chosen for Tast Bologna is the Raleway. A Google® Font open source perfect for web application and suitable for the Taste Bologna brand. In order to make it more interesting and fancy I decided to leave greater space between the letters, making it wider, emphasizing each letter, without affecting the reading.

Raleway is a very useful Google Font, here all the fonts are shown, from the Thin to the extrabold body weight.

At the end of works, Andrea commissioned me a gift to be released to all his customers at the end of the tour. Actually, he already had the idea in mind. He wanted to create a map of Bologna, we took a look to other examples of it and I decided to accept this project, also as a matter of personal experimentation.

Creating the map drove me crazy, but I think I made something that Bologna had never seen before.

I started to draw the map trying to pay attention to all the streets, but the more I worked on it, the more I understood that was too complicated, cahotic and inaccurate. I talked to Andrea and he suggested me to synthesize everything in very simple shapes, taking just vertical, horizontal and 45° streets (like a subway) and using just the streets we needed. I started from his idea and applied it to the project creating something way simpler and more accessible. Finally, I added the geometric illustrations of the historical buildings of Bologna.

The base of the map, very easy to be read, a great synthesis of colours and shapes to create quarters and streets, to define specific areas and signs.
Poseidon, the statue symbol of Bologna is one of the main examples of the map.

Without false modesty, the final result turned out to be very cool.

Bologna, map intro. The introduction to the map. A series of information about food streets and a brief description of Taste Bologna on the back of the flyer. All surrounded by Bologna's illustrations.
Bologna, the complete map's flyer. The illustrated map of Bologna with all monuments and attractions of this amazing Italian town. Very synthetic and easy to read, based on five colours, with simplified streets and quick information.
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