Football produces characters that remain in your head and inevitably become part of your daily life. The champion makes gestures that must be repeated, both in the game – by the alleged or aspiring emulators – and in visual arts, both static and dinamic.

Each of us has their own way of expressing beauty, the football player knows that he can do that through a goal, a cross, an assist or a dribbling. The football pitch turns into a canvas on which the players can leave their mark like true artists.

In the modern era, velocity and instinctivity play a crucial role in football. The player needs to make these “brush strokes” rapid, able to escape the eye of those who stand between them and the beauty of his intent. To make this possible, the player needs to push his body and his mind as hard as possible. The intelligence and the brilliance of this are determined by an infinite repetition of the gesture, by the muscle strengthening and a natural predisposition that can’t be limited to the talent.

A celebration of Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer to Juventus. His overhead kick that eliminated the black-and-white team from the Champions League.
Lionel Messi represented through blue and red crossed lines in a minimalist work focused on him, and him only.
Ronaldo "O' Fenomeno", maybe the greatest football genius of all time. He has always been cursed by his cristal legs, but he has never lost his brilliance. Here he's portrayed running on his toes, wearing his Brazil jersey on a light blue background that matches the color of his shorts.
Francesco Totti, the eighth king of Rome, depicted from the back, the number ten on a yellow and red t-shirt, a yellow collar fading in the warm background.

Football is also made of those unexplainable moments between sport and talent. The changes of team dictated by the heart, that last-minute goal, that match which is more than a simple match, that jersey that identifies a specific moment, that colour which oozes history, charming because stained with pain and the romanticism of many men who made the history of a club. You can’t help but be fascinated by these sorts of stories. I’ve always appreciated those kind of stories told at the bar, relived in a summer night with friends or watching crazy matches of Copa Libertadores at ungodly hours. I’m trying to write down a couple fo lines to describe those instants and I don’t think I’ll ever stop.

Daniele De Rossi joins Boca Juniors. A decision made with his heart. In the composition "Tano" stands out, depicted from the low angle with the yellow and blue stadium on the background. Everything is depicted in the warm evening light.
Juventus vs Crotone, the last chance for Crotone to remain in Serie A after an inexpert race for the fourth-last place. In the poster a red and blue player stands out on a intense red background that melts with his jersey. In front of him, facing backwards, a black and white player .
Edin Dzeko, a flying goal against Chelsea during the 2017/18 Champions League, a balistici masterpiece hard to replicate.
An image created to celebrate the new beautiful Juventus logo. The logo becomes part of the stripes on the black and white jersey, which is also crossed by several black and white lines.
The arrival of Walter Mazzarri and my friend Fabio Corradini in the Turin FC, celebrated with a white sock with a bull image that melts in the red background. On the side there is writing that says " A lot of teams have made history, only Turin is a Legend".
Zinedine "Zizou" Zidane's volley against Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League final. You can see the French phenomenon facing backwards who kicks with incredible fury the football towards the red and black goal, while the goalkeeper and the defenders are petrified in front of that unique gesture.


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Football produces characters that remain in your head and inevitably become part of […]


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