A project carried out with Ufo.Adv for Cerform back in 2013. There are two very interesting subjects: index and iconography. I was asked to reexamine a project which had be carried out previously with similar guidelines, but with an heavier graphic design. The fun part has been the association icon/color/category of studies, which has been followed by the graphic project of the explanatory charts for each course. I tried to give it an elegant but informal look, creating light and easily recognizable shapes.

The catalogue is small, perfect to be read and then kept in the bag without taking up space. Only a few essential colors connote its look, all of them referring to the different training services. This was done in order to garantee the reader maximum clarity when consulting this instrument.

The catalogue's cover, a white rectangle with narrow bands on the left which represent the details of the training courses explained inside, while on the right we can fin the For Plus logo.
A detail of the For Plus logo on the cover.
The first page inside with the icons of the training services in gray and the Plus For logo well visible. The second cover page is charcoal gray, very elegant and refined.
The index of the catalogue, cotaining the legend of the icons related to the areas of the traning services. Each icon has a specific color, a way to make the reading even more intuitive.
A detail of the indexing that is located on the right side of the pages. In order to improve the usability of the catalogue we decided to creat this peculiar list form. Thanks to this, the reader can find the category he needs only by turning its corresponding tab.
A detail of the description of a course, with the information about the cost, the duration, and the content of the course itself. Everything is obviously connected with the icon of the training course and its color, in this case, for example, blue is the leit-motive of the page.
frontal zenith photo of the catalogue

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