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The realisation of the Ca’ Rossa Logo was born to give new life to a renowned restaurant in the Reggio Emilia area passed down from father to son. It was on the initiative of Marco Ferrari that I started to work on this new project. I have immediately appreciated his enthusiasm, his desire to give back his experience in marketing and food service to his own homeland.

The project

The aim of this project was to create a brand that could recall Italy and the rusticity of an old restaurant and that at the same time could express refinement and quality, the objectives of the new owners.

Simplicity at the base

Everything was born around a very simple concept: an essential and recognizable logo. This is why particular attention was given to the design of basic but appealing shapes that could attract the eye on a few fundamental details: the red house and the name of the restaurants.

The thickness

3 proportioned kinds of thickness are at the basis of the traits that we are going to apply to most of the elements included in the logo.

Design: basic shapes. In order to design the Ca' Rossa logo I started from 3 proportioned kinds of thickness that I used to define spaces, shapes and the traits of the various elements of the logo.

The golden ratio

Stylistic curiosity: the circumferences that will be used to create the hills on which the restaurant will be placed have a proportion based on the golden number 1,618.

Design: golden ratio. In order to create the logo the circumferences used are proportioned according to the golden ration and the number 1,618.

Fish and ears of wheat

The logo had to recall the presence of pizza, fish and vegetarian dishes in the menu. Therefore, I decided to join the elements in a sort of iconic frame that I inserted underneath the main text.

The merger of fish and wheat, indicative feature of the restaurant since in the menu there are vegetarian, fish dishes and pizza too.

The bridges of Reggio Emilia

In order to give a more “Reggio Emilia” touch to the illustration, I decided to insert a series of rays in order to recall the famous arches of the Calatrava bridges, easily visible at the entrance of Reggio Emilia.

A radial pattern as background like the Calatrava bridge. On the background of the logo there are the famous radial arches of the Calatrava bridges, a renowned architectural work at the entrance of Reggio Emilia.

The design

Deisgn of the logo. The basic shapes and the rules applied to create the Ca' Rossa logo.
Logo design. The Ca' Rossa logo devoid of all the unnecessary elements and  without the official colors.
The Ca' Rossa logo in its final shape. A circumference inside of which there are two hills and a red house. On the background there are some rays that recall the Calatrava bridge and in the bottom part of the semi-circle the writing "Ca' Rossa" appear. Underneath it there is a graphic frame made of two fish with tails similar to ears of wheat.

I Colori

Protagonist of the compostition is a bright red in strong contrast with the other elements of the logo, all black. This is made to visually emphasize the presence of a Red House (translation of Ca’ Rossa).

Ca' Rossa, font and pantone colors. A bright red inside of the house and a classic black for the other shapes.
Ca' Rossa logo. Chromatic variations. The logo and its variations according to the background that can be either red, white or black.

The Font: Brandon Grotesque

The use of Brandon Grotesque meets the design needs for the logo. A font that could recall the typographic elements from the first half of 20th century, together with a more modern style. A sort of a bridge between past and present.

The Brandon Grotesque Font bold and regular, used for the composition of the logo and its coordinate image.
The Ca' Rossa website in desktop and mobile version.
The Ca' Rossa apron, completely red with a very visible white logo in the centre.
The Ca' Rossa mask with the white logo.

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