Volunteering in Formigine

Formigine, a lovely town in the province of Modena, counts thirty thousand people and one hundred and thirty associations. My (not so strong) proximity to the social and political world has often led me to work on projects about the volunteering reality. One of these projects, maybe one of the few remarkable ones so far, was the Map of Associations, a flier which was a sort of Vademecum that described all the associations of Formigine.

Even if for reasons unknown the municipality didn’t give prominence to the project at stake (and I didn’t get a penny for its realization, editor’s note), it must be said how complex and interesting the work has been.

The Volunteering in Formigine's logo, two hands, one green and one blue (the colors of the city) are carefully holding the castle, symbol of Formigine.

Apart from the Logo and the naming for it, the hands holding the castle as symbol of  belonging to the territory and of mutual solidarity, I think the map project was way more interesting because it brought a greater number of graphic-designing problems.

A detail of the closed flier. On the front, the colored logo of Volunteering in Formigine stands out, right below a brief description of the project

The double-sided A3 format forced me to some extreme choices of summary, therefore I decided to draw a double legend. The first legend was about the type of association, the second one, linked to the color of the map, allowed to identify the different towns of the municipality, which were also represented in a small illustrated map very easy to understand. Associations and institutions had to be named together with their address, phone number and other telematic contact details. Therefore, an additional reduction of the size of the characters used was needed. The result was a mix of information compressed in two pages of 297x410mm.

This project represented for me an exercise of style and summary. It gave me some experience for future projects that I will necessarily have to be paid for (otherwise things will so south).

The exploded view of the map. On one side we can find the map of Formigine, while on the other one there are all the districts of this municipality. Each district was linked to a color and to the list of the active associations in the area, the same goes for the main city of Formigine.
A detail of the thematic icons which corresponds to the different kinds of associations. Environment and safety in green, culture in blue, society and international cooperation in orange, sport in pink.
A detail of opened flier. The black and white logo is placed in the lower right corner of the paper, together with it some contact information of the project is provided.


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Volunteering in Formigine

Formigine, a lovely town in the province of Modena, counts thirty thousand people […]


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